Contact Your Dance Community Program Director if you have any questions about renting space, collaborating with programs in the building, or contributing to your dance community.

Karen Lile Productions, the Master Renter for the building, is very grateful to these 15 Dance Community Directors, who have volunteered their time to help build and promote their dance communities.  KLP has also asked each Dance Director to do what is best for the dance community in the building.   So, if you have an idea, want to add a program or event to the building, contact the Dance Community Director for your dance community and tell them what you are proposing.   Dance Community Directors are all volunteers, so please be sensitive to their time, and learn something about their programs before making proposals.   Karen Lile Productions has a strategic alliance with the founding renters of LMDOA.   We are acting cooperatively in promoting the business or non-profit interests of our programs.  So, please keep in mind that anything you want to add, should contribute to the dance community programs that are already in the building.