1. Organizational Charts
  • Org Chart – This chart helps to outline the leadership that is comprised of the alliance of renters at 200 Grand, the professional volunteers that contribute, subcontractors that are hired, all of whom contribute to the operations of the Lake Merritt Dance.com community on the evenings and weekends.
  • Custodians – Custodians hired by the City of Oakland are our partners in running the building.  They make sure the floors are clean, the rooms are opened up, they can close the buiding and ask people to leave.  They move chairs and furniture when that is specified for an event in advance.    The Renters listed as Operations Directors, are the Custodian’s interface to Lake Merritt Dance.com’s organizational structure. These operations Directors are the person to go to on a specific day/time for the custodians and other renters in the building.  Click on Operations Directors to see who they are and when they are volunteering.
  • Booking Ongoing Events with No Changes – Follow this chart to make sure your ongoing event that has no changes from the previous quarter, and is listed on Custodian’s calendar, so you have room access on the days of your events.
  • Renters Guide to hiring Security Guards – The City of Oakland requires that we have a security guard for every 100 people in the building.  Renters of larger events, are required to pay $20/hour for a 4 hour minimum for security guards for the building covering the time of their event.  Some rental packages in the ballroom come with a security guard included in the price.  If you are a renter who has security guards for your event, this chart will help you understand how to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Coming soon.  The following FAQs will be answered.


  • How to book an ongoing rental.
  • How to book a ongoing periodic rental.
  • How to change or add a booking that is less than 3 weeks from today.
  • How to create special instructions for Custodian to set up room.


  • How do I receive a credit if I overpaid?
  • How do make sure my payment is recorded on my invoice as paid?
  • How do I make an additional payment?
  • How do I pay via paypal?

How can a renter fix it if:

  • A security guard doesn’t show up?
  • A room is not opened for a renter?
  • There are building maintenance problems and custodian cannot be found?
  • If booking sheets are not put into the custodian’s book?
  • If a booking invoice is inaccurate or has not been issued?
  • If the lakemerrittdance.com website is not working or has a problem?
  • If I need help with listing my events on the website?
  • What do i do if during my event, someone damaged a part of building, furniture, floor, audio system?

Who does a custodian talk to if:

  • They need to leave the building during a break?
  • A renter says they are on the booking calendar, but their listing is not in the custodian’s binder?
  • Someone is in the building who is not a guest/student/participant of a renter’s ongoing dance program?