updated Feb 19, 2017

Karen Lile Productions (KLP) is the master renter on behalf of the founding Lake Merritt Dance Organizers Association Members on these times and days for the Ballroom, Hall 3, Hall 1, Lounge and Multi-purpose room:

Mondays:  5:30pm to 11pm
Tuesdays: 5:30pm time to 10:30pm (except Hall 3 from 6-9pm)
Wednesdays:  5:30pm to 11pm
Thursdays: 5:30pm to Midnight
Saturdays: 1pm to Midnight
Sundays: 1pm to Midnight
2nd Fridays: 6:30pm to 11:30pm (Hall 1 only)

Most of the spaces at 200 grand, are now currently occupied by ongoing long-term programs that have run weekly or once a month for many years under the prior management of LMDC.  There are a few times and days that have rooms  not currently being used.   Karen Lile Productions has appointed 15 Dance Community Program Directors to help decide what new programming will fit best with the existing programming.  All of these Program Directors are Founders of LMDOA and have volunteered their time to serve in these leadership roles.   Contact the Dance Community Program Director that would fit best with the style of dance that you teach or organize events for and tell them how what you are proposing will support and help the existing programs within the building.   You would need their sponsorship to be able to become a future renter under Karen Lile Productions.