Lake Merritt Dance Organizers Association Members

Members of the Lake Merritt Dance Organizers Association include: (alphabetical by first name)

Almen Rausch (FM, R)
Angie Shin (FM, R,O, T)
Ashvin Iyer (FM, R, O)
Belinda Rickleffs (R, O)
Burnie Gipson (R, O, T)
Carol Braves (O)
Cheryl Rosenthal  (FM, R)
Chiara Manodori  (FM, R)
Emile & Veronika Carter (FM, R, O, T)
Geri Foley (O, T)
Helen Vaughn (FM, R, O, T)
James Zimmerman (R, O, T)
Jeff Chandler (R, O, T)
Joanna Gritz (FM, R, O, T)
John Spitzer (FM, R)
Karen Lile (FM, R, O, T)
Karen Lubisch (O)
Lisa-Anice Sutphen (FM, R, O, T)
Cleo on behalf of M’Mah Toure (FM, R, O)
Marc Svenby (O)
Mat MaMoody (FM, R, O, T)
Michael Arntz (FM, R, O, T)
Michele Richards (O)
Mike Pyle (FM, R, O)
Mirabai Commer (O)
Nicki Kurtz (FM, R, O, T)
Nicholas Van Eyck (R, O, T)
Oshalla Marcus (R, O, T)
Patti Li (FM, R, O, T)
Persephone (FM, R, O)
Ronald Jenkins (O)
Roy Abendroth (R, O)
Sayrah Garrison (FM, R, O, T)
Shin Aoki (FM, R, O, T)
Tiffany Wu (FM, R, O, T)
Zoe Balfour (FM, R, O, T)

FM = Founding Member
R = Renter
O = Organizer
T = Teacher

For biographies, check out the calendar listings for these organizers.

LMDOA:  The Lake Merritt Dance Organizers Association is an association formed on October 24, 2016.  It exists as an association of renters, organizers, and teachers at the 200 Grand Ave, Oakland Veterans Building.  It began with a group of 21 founding members, all renters with existing public programs on October 24, 2016.  These Renters organized a task force to represent the interests of all renters to the City of Oakland in negotiations with the City of Oakland for continuing existing dance programs at the Veterans Building at 200 Grand Ave.

KLP:  Karen Lile Productions.  Karen Lile Productions is a for-profit business owned by Karen Lile.  KLP agreed to accept the responsibility of being the Master Renter beginning on January 1st, 2017 on behalf of LMDOA member.   Karen Lile was voted to represent the LMDOA by a majority of the members and a LMDOA Fairness Advisory Committee was set up by LMDOA to represent the interests of LMDOA to KLP and the City of Oakland.   For information about Karen Lile Productions, see