About 200 Grand:

  1.  How do I contact someone about a question I have about a program in the building?  The evenings and weekend programs are all run by 23 independent renters, each of whom rents their own space for their event.  If you are invited to a private event, you would contact your host.  If you are coming to a publicly advertised event in the calendar, contact the organizer hosting the event with any questions.
  2. Can I just come to the building and hang out after 5:30pm on M-F or after 1pm on Sat and Sunday, when I am not in a class or event?  No.  You are very welcome during the hours and in the space that your host, who is a renter in the building, has invited you.  But, if your renter is not present, then please do not remain in the building.   Thank you for your consideration.