For Renters Only

The hours of operation for Lake Merritt Dance are: (see <a href=”″> Yelp Listing</a>.

<a href=””>Karen Lile Productions</a> (KLP) was elected by a resolution of by the Founders of LMDOA as Master Renter to the City of Oakland.   This website is provided by Karen Lile Productions for the benefit of LMDOA members who are renters in the building.

Public Calendar of Events

Access to this calendar is on on the honor system and is for renters only.  Renters, we are giving each of you access to the calendar so that you can control your own publicity for your public events.

  • Only add, edit, delete events that you have paid the rent for.
  • Only hold events that are advertised to the public that are within the Dance Community that you were authorized for when you became a renter under KLP.
  • Approve your programming with the Program Director for your Dance Community prior to listing any classes or events.  Your Program Director knows the community and can guide you about potential conflicts of interest within the community.

Here are the links to update your events on the calendar.

Add a new event:
Events list:

Add a new event:
Events list:

Ken Sale has agreed to provide support to renters on access to calendar (e.g. forgotten password) and calendar (adding events, deleting events etc.) issues. You can send him an email at:

About Booking Rentals

We have an unwritten understanding that the City of Oakland will continue to rent to LMDOA members every quarter, but only on the condition that Karen Lile Productions signs the master rental agreement each quarter.  A Master Rental Agreement is drawn up between Jennifer King and Karen Lile Productions.   So, sub-rentals only happen once per quarter.  There are two types of rentals:

Long-Term Rentals:

  • Weekly events (classes and/or parties)
  • Once per month events on the same day/week each month of the year
  • Yearly events (festivals, annual parties, etc) that happen in the building every year.

Periodic Rentals:

  • Private Lessons (the package of time available to purchase changes each quarter)
  • Rehearsals for performance groups.
  • Events that are held periodically, but not according to a regular schedule every month or year.

Long-Term Rentals are booked every quarter in this priority.

  1. No Changes:  Those continuing their ongoing programs from the last quarter with no major change of time or day or room or dance type.
  2. Exchanges of Rooms: between those who are continuing their ongoing programs from the last quarter with no major change of time or day or dance type.
  3. Changes to Existing Programs:  A change in the day of the week or time of day to an existing program.
  4. New Renters and/or New Programming sponsored by Dance Community Directors.   New programming would be considered a new event, that was not previously offered, and/or a new renter, who has not sub-rented from KLP before.

Periodic Rentals are always considered as single events and can be booked only with a Dance Community Leaders Sponsorship.

To all New Renters (as of Feb 19, 2018)

As of Feb 19, 2018, KLP does not rent to any new renter, who is not sponsored by a Dance Community Director.    There are several reasons for this.

  • To reduce administration costs and to not overtax volunteers who are helping.
  • Each of the Dance Community Directors knows their own dance community and what will build and support their own programs.  This Master Rental Agreement is considered a private rental, by the City of Oakland.  The founders of LMDOA are primarily for-profit dance business owners and a few non-profit organizations who deserve and expect to ensure the success of their individual programs.     Also, since they all joined together to invest in keeping the building open, they are dependent upon each other’s success to meet the monthly rent we pay the city through KLP.  Many
  • To ensure that all new renters have a sponsor, so they can maintain good operations practices to preserve the building.
  • To allow Jennifer King and the Master Renter Karen Lile to work on other areas that will ensure the continued success of the building and good relations with the City of Oakland.