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Photo of hundreds of dancers and full orchestra
Photo taken by Karen Lile on February 25, 2017 . Our programs at the Veterans Memorial Building, which we affectionately refer to as “Lake Merritt Dance”, have continued and expanded in 2017! We are the program dance organizers who have provided 83% of the evening and weekend programming at the Veterans Memorial Building for years.  Some of us have been here since 2002.

Did you know that all of us are continuing an ongoing tradition of dancing since 1927, in this historical Veterans Memorial Building?  We agree that this building is awesome and has great dance floors!

If you were familiar with the 22 dance programs that were at our Veterans Memorial Building prior to Jan 1, 2017, you will find 99% of them here in 2017.  We are reorganized under Karen Lile Productions, the new Master Renter with the City of Oakland, acting on behalf of the members of Lake Merritt Dance Organizers Association LMDOA.

Under new management, we are bringing more live bands and dance parties to the building and encouraging and supporting the growth of our existing independently run programs. (For a history of dancing in the building click here.) Each Dance Organizer is an independent dance business or non-profit renter in the building   Our rent goes to support the building and the daytime Downtown Oakland Senior Program.   Your attendence at our classes and events helps keep our programs strong.

We also acknowledge that Lake Merritt Dance Center, the Master Renter from 2007 to 2016, added many of us to the building.   We founded Lake Merritt Dance Organizers Association on Oct 25, 2016.   If we had not met each other and organized together, all of our evening and weekend programs would have been gone from the building when LMDC decided not to continue as Master Renter, giving us only two months notice.

After organizing in 24 hours, we, the members of LMDOA, went to the City of Oakland as a group, in solidarity, and negotiated a new Master Rental Agreement.

Everyone is working together well here at 200 Grand Avenue, which we affectionately call Lake Merritt Dance.   We are hopeful, encouraged, and having fun.  We hope you will join us!

See our Calendar for the great upcoming events and classes in 2017!